Orthoplus Clinic

Orthoplus is a bone clinic in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. I liked the cleanliness at the bone clinic. There is less waiting time and online appointment system. The bone doctor is easily approachable on phone and doesnt charge to just see the reports. I went there for neck pain, which was diagnosed as simple postural pain. The ortho doctor advise posture correction and exercises which were good enough to help my situation. Anyone looking for a good ortho doctor or ortho clinic must visit orthoplus clinic.

Second Opinion for back pain surgery

My wife had been advised disc surgery for backache which we were scared to undergo. We consulted dr Vidyarthi for a second opinion regarding the surgery. He examined my wife and saw the investigations. He advised that we can try injection in the backache and avoid surgery. He performed the procedure. My wife is 80% recovered and we are thankful to Dr vidyarthi. He is a good ortho surgeon.

Visited For Leg Pain & Fracture Treatment

Totally worth to get checked with him. I have a fracture in my ankle after twisting injury which i had thought was just a sprain. He ordered a Xray, picked the fracture and advised a plaster. The cost was half of what a corporate hospital would charge. He is a genuine ortho doctor. I recommend him to those who facing any problem related to ortho.

Visited For Disk slip

I was suffering from disc pain with backache radiating to leg for 3 weeks. Underwent physio also with no relief. Dr Vidyarthi examined and advised MRI. Next day he saw the MRI and advised surgery. We were scared but he answered all questions. He operated next day. Its 3 days post surgery and i am fine. He patiently answers all doubts.

He is a good ortho spine doctor. I recommend him to all patients with neck pain and backache or sciatica.

Visited For Osteoporosis

Dr.Vidyarthi is an excellent ortho doctor. My mother had severe osteoporosis and other bone problems for which she had been advised injections worth Rs 20000/month. he confirmed the need of these injections and gave us a cheaper alternative worth 3000Rs/month. She is improving with the treatment.

Visited For Knee Pain

Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Good Surgeon

a very patient bone doctor. took ample time to understand my long standing problem and then examined me. didnt write expensive too many medicines or tests. He diagnosed my problem as knee arthritis and told me clearly that nothing will help me except knee replacement surgery. He didnt created an urgency for surgery and explained that the joint replacement surgery can wait for few months, till then we can decide and arrange funds.

On our next visit to the ortho clinic, he again patiently answered all our doubts related to the knee replacement surgery. We finally got the surgery done after 3 months. I am much better no. thanks doc.