Ligament injuries caused by sports activities, falls or accidents can be debilitating and career ending at times. We get as many as 700-800 patients with various types of sports injuries every year who find remedy to their problem with us.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most commonly injured ligaments in the knee joint after a twisting injury in contact sports like wrestling or football and basketball. Its deficiency causes instability and knee pain in the knee joint with swelling.

After clinical examination, MRI and further confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment in significantly symptomatic patients is an Arthroscopy (key hole) surgery in which the ligament is recreated with graft taken from muscles from the back of the patients thigh and placed across the knee joint through bone tunnels.

Outcome is usually satisfactory even in professional players after 2-3 months when they are subjected to a graded physiotherapy

In the knee joint, the meniscus are Horse shoe shaped. Cushions which are made of cartilage. They can be injured during sports, falls or accidents and common symptom other than knee pain is locking.

MRI can further confirm the diagnosis after clinical examination.

In young patients with very recent tear having specific patterns, the tear can be repaired arthroscopically. In other patients, the torn part is excised and the meniscus is again shaped like horse shoe.

Knee pain and locking is relieved in 3-4 weeks time.

Recurrent dislocation of shoulder or Bankart LesionThe shoulder joint is an inherently unstable joint with little bony congruence. It is kept stable by ligaments, muscles and the capsular thickening called labrum. In cases of traumatic dislocation of shoulder the labrum might get torn. This leads to chronic instability resulting in multiple episodes to dislocation.

MRI confirms the labral tear called Bankart Lesion.

Arthroscopic surgery is the answer where the labrum is reattached to its original position with special screws having attached threads (suture anchors). This is followed by rigorous rehabilitation programme. A stable final outcome is usually achieved in 6-8 weeks.   

Rotator Cuff is a group of muscles around the shoulder joint that are responsible for the movements at the joint. Due to injury, the rotator cuff may be torn, resulting in an inability to actively lift the upper limb at the shoulder joint. It can become a painful debilitating condition, specially in elderly and sportsperson.

MRI can confirm the diagnosis.

An Arthroscopy repair can be performed. The torn muscle is reattached to its origin with help of suture anchors. Rehabilitation is commenced at 6 weeks and good result is achieved at 10 weeks.

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Swati Aggarwal
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Mamta Devi