Joint Replacement is done for painful arthritic joint due to any cause. At Orthoplus clinic we get nearly 600 patients a year with arthritis in various stages of arthritis which are managed with medicines, physiotherapy, intraarticular injection and lastly joint replacement surgery.

Total knee Replacement is a surgery done to relieve the patient of severe knee pain and deformity at the knee joint due to old age arthritis (osteoarthritis) or secondary arthritis to malunited fractures, infection or rheumatoid arthritis.

The end of bones having a damaged cartilage lining is removed and replaced with metal parts. There is polyethylene part in between the two metal ends. 

Within 4-6 weeks time majority of the pain is relieved and the deformity is corrected.

Total hip replacement is indicated for arthritis of the hip joint which may be primary osteoarthritis of hip joint or secondary arthritis due to causes like old infection, avascular necrosis or childhood affections of the hip joint causing joint damage.

During the surgery the damaged parts of bone are removed and space created for the metal stem to be placed in the femoral canal. The roof (acetabulum) is also prepared for the metallic part to be placed. The joint is reduced and patient made to walk from next day

Indications of a shoulder replacement are few. Old trauma leading to a painful joint or a deformed joint following old infection or rheumatoid arthritis. 

The damaged metallic head of humerus is removed and space created for the metal stem to pass through. The Glenoid (roof) of shoulder joint is also prepared (if damaged) and replaced. Shoulder mobilization is started after healing of muscles around the joint.

A total elbow replacement is done for arthritis resulting from old infection, malunited fracture or rheumatoid arthritis.

The damaged bony parts are removed and replaced with metal and elbow movements started early to prevent stiffness.

Dr Vidyarthi is the best ortho surgeon for Knee Replacement surgery. He has performed knee replacement surgery for my mother 1 year back one knee at a time. His patience with the patient is good and answers all questions carefully. My mother was scared, but she was relaxed after his counselling and went head with the knee replacement surgery. The knee deformity and pain are now gone. she walk fast with no support.
Ashish Duggal
i had knee pain for 10 years, was unable to walk even to toilet. dr vidyarthi diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. He first gave medicines to increase bone strength. then did joint replacement surgery. due to week bones made me walk after 1 month. His orthoplus bone clinic is near the mall and easily accessible. He is the best ortho surgeon.
Imarti Devi
I had hip pain due to AVN. xray and mri confirmed the diagnosis of hip arthritis. He performed hip replacement surgery and make me walk next day. within 3 weeks i was nearly normal and was able to join my office duties. His surgery skills are good. I recommend him for hip and knee pain for joint replacement surgery.
Gautam Chakrawarti