At Orthoplus Clinic we nearly get 500-600 patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis or related disorders, more frequently in winters who get improved with treatments (medication, physiotherapy, intraarticular injections) offered by us.

Inflammatory Arthropathies like Rheumatoid Arthritis affect small joints of hands or feet with stiffness in the morning and increased severity in winters. In severe cases the joints become deformed and permanently stiff.

 It is  frequently managed at our clinic by Disease Modifying Agents which are medicines to decrease the swelling and increase mobility of joints.

In cases with fixed deformity, small joints can be operated upon by soft tissue surgeries or joint replacements.

I am Deepika Kumari 17Yrs old from Bhagalpur, Bihar. I had severe pain in my hands since october. They were stiff and could not do any activities. Dr Vidyarthi did some blood tests and started medicines. In 1 month i am not 80-90% better. He has now reduced the number of medicines.
Deepika Kumari